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Library Castor Recommended

by Laurentj

This is the template engine used into Jelix (under the name jTpl). It uses a simple syntax similar to the PHP syntax.

  • A simple Api to inject data and to generate content
  • A language with a syntax similar to PHP, but a bit simpler to ease learning
  • Templates can be a file or a simple string
  • Efficient generator: template files are "compiled" to PHP files
  • A sandbox mode, to fetch untrusted templates (templates uploaded by a user in a CMS for example). This mode has less capabilities of course.
  • A plugin system, similar to Smarty plugins.
  • Plugins can be specific to a content type (HTML, XML, text…), so they produced right content.
  • meta expression: it allows the template to expose data to PHP code. For example, a "meta" can be an url of a stylesheet to use with the generated content.
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Last version

1.1.3 (stable)
  • Released on 11/08/2023