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Library Wikirenderer

by LaurentJ

WikiRenderer is a php component which can parse a wiki content, and transform it to XHTML content, to any other markup language, or to an other wiki content with a different syntax. So this is useful to transform and display wiki content into your CMS, your wiki, your forum, or for example to migrate wiki contents from an old wiki CMS to a new one.

You can use the WikiRenderer plugin for templates to use it into your Jelix templates.

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

3.1.11 (stable)
  • Released on 04/29/2024
  • Compatible Jelix 1.6 to Jelix 1.8

Old versions

3.1.9 (stable)
  • Released on 02/07/2023
3.1.8 (stable)
  • Released on 05/28/2016