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Items with the tag redis

Library PhpRedis

by Sash

Full PHP implementation of a connector to manage data into a redis database. Fork from Sash php-redis lib.

Use by the plugin php-redis pour Jelix.

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

2.0.1 (stable)
  • Released on 01/11/2018

Plugin php-redis-plugin

by Laurentj

This is a plugin fo jKVDb and jCache allowing storing data within a Redis database, using a pure PHP implementation of a Redis connector, PhpRedis. If you want to use the Redis extension of PHP, use the plugins bundled into Jelix.

This plugin is available outside Jelix since Jelix 1.7.

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

1.7.7 (stable)
  • Released on 02/07/2021
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7 to Jelix 1.8