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Items with the tag jdb

Plugin Sybase driver

by Xavier Martin-Prével

It seems this project is not maintained anymore.

An experimental driver for Sybase database

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

1.0b (alpha)

Version experimentale. Merci de faire des retours sur https://github.com/jelix/jelix-contrib

Plugin jDb PgSQL Asy

by Yannick DEVOS

This project does not exists anymore. Some links are broken.

This jDb plugin add three routines to the default Jelix PostgreSQL driver. These routines call the three PHP commands : pg_send_query(), pg_get_result(), pg_connection_busy(). In order to allow for multiple parallel queries, a new connection is made to the database each time you call pg_send_query(). Be careful as this can quickly lead to a database overload. It is not recommended to use this plugin an a hosted website. Only use it on your own dedicated server.

Referenced by yan_vn

Last version

Béta 0.99 (pre-alpha)
  • Released on 09/29/2013
  • Compatible Jelix 1.5

Première version, encore en tests.

Plugin Legacy jDb plugins

by Laurentj

These are deprecated plugins for jDb since they use deprecated API of PHP. They are not bundled with Jelix since Jelix 1.7, and need Jelix 1.7+ to work.

Available plugins:

  • sqlite (for sqlite 2.0, using deprecated sqlite_* php functions)
  • mysql (using deprecated mysql_* php functions)
Referenced by laurentj

Last version

1.7.0 (mature)
  • Released on 05/28/2015
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7

Release for Jelix 1.7