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Module AdminUI

by Laurent Jouanneau

This is a module providing an interface for an administration application. It uses the AdminLTE theme, and is entirely customizable through APIs.

You can easily add content into the sidebar, the navbar or the dashboard, without manipulating HTML.

The module provide also widgets for jForms, that generate HTML for Bootstrap and CSS of AdminLTE.

This module remplaces the master_admin module.

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

1.0.1 (stable)
  • Released on 04/30/2024
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7 to Jelix 1.8

Old versions

1.0.0 (stable)
  • Released on 04/19/2023
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7 to Jelix 1.8
0.11.0 (stable)
  • Released on 02/08/2022
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7