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LangPack Translations for Jelix 1.7

by Transifex contributors

Many packages are available to bring translations for standard Jelix 1.7 modules, into your application.

Available translations (from 80% to 100% complete): Czech, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Galician, Slovak, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish (Sweden).

Other translations are available but some of them are not complete (they need your help!) : Hungarian (Hungary), Basque, Polish (Poland), Ukrainian (Ukraine), Romanian, German, Russian, Greek, Norwegian.

To contribute, go on Transifex.

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Last version

2024.01.16 (stable)
  • Released on 01/16/2024
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7

Old versions

2022-11-09 (stable)
  • Released on 12/09/2022
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7