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Application Lizmap Web Client Recommended

by 3Liz

Lizmap allows to create Web map applications with maps created with Qgis Desktop.

These can be simple for the publication of a map intended for the general public in order to valorise geographic information. They can integrate functions of creation and modification of data for a collaborative creation of geographical information.

Lizmap Web Client is very extensible, thanks to javascript plugins and PHP modules that can bring features for your business.

Referenced by laurentj

Last version

3.7.0 (stable)
  • Released on 12/13/2023
  • Compatible Jelix 1.8

Old versions

3.6 (stable)
  • Released on 12/30/2022
  • Compatible Jelix 1.8
3.5 (stable)
  • Released on 12/30/2022
  • Compatible Jelix 1.7