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jCommunity is a module which provide all you need to add features for user profiles on a web site like a portal or a community web site:

  • user registration: account creation, with confirmation by email and activation key. The form contains a captcha.
  • users can choose their password
  • possibility to ask a new password when the user has loose his password (again, confirmation by email and activation key)
  • After a successful login, jcommunity can redirect to the page before the login
  • Profile editing
  • login/logout form
  • many new events in controllers, to allow you to do processing at each step of the registration and other actions, so your own module can verify or doing additional things.
  • notification messages with jMessage
  • a specific form for jauthdb_admin is provided

jCommunity replaces the jauth module and use the jAuth class with the "db" driver of jAuth.

Last version

1.0.1 (stable)

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